Sep 25, 2009

V.A. - Raw Records - The Punk Singles Collection

Raw Records was one of the UK's first ever independent labels, having been formed in 1977 by Lee Wood. Bands such as The Users, Killjoys, Lockjaw and The Unwanted later provided members for the likes of The Cure, Psychedelic Furs, UK Subs and Dexy's Midnight Runners whilst the scarcity of Raw's releases made them highly prized collectors' items. 30 of the label's best tracks feature here alongside a comprehensive discography of one of the most important but vastly underrated indie labels of our time.

Covers included.

Genre: Punk Rock
Year: 1993
Label: Anagram Records
Size: 102 mb (total)
Bitrate: 192 kbps

  1. THE USERS - Sick Of You
  2. THE USERS - I'm In Love With Today
  3. THE KILLJOYS - Johnny Won't Go To Heaven
  4. THE KILLJOYS - Naïve
  5. THE UNWANTED - Withdrawl
  6. THE UNWANTED - Bleak Outlook
  7. THE UNWANTED - 1984
  8. SOME CHICKEN - New Religion
  9. SOME CHICKEN - Blood On The Wall
  10. LOCKJAW - Radio Car Sign
  11. LOCKJAW - The Young Ones
  12. SOME CHICKEN - Arabian Daze
  13. SOME CHICKEN - Number Seven
  14. THE GORILLAS - It's My Life
  15. THE GORILLAS - My Soul's Alive
  16. THE UNWANTED - Secret Police
  17. THE UNWANTED - These Boots Are Made For Walking
  18. LOCKJAW - Journalist Jive
  19. THE UNWANTED - I'm Not Me
  20. THE UNWANTED - The End Is Nigh
  21. THE SICK THINGS - Bondage Boy
  22. THE SICK KIDS - Kids On The Street
  23. THE PSYCHOS - So Young
  24. THE PSYCHOS - Straitjacket
  25. THE KILLJOYS - At Night
  26. ACME SEWAGE CO - I Wish You Dead
  27. ACME SEWAGE CO - I Don't Need You
  28. THE G.T.'S - Millionaire
  29. THE PSYCHOS - Young British And White
  30. ACME SEWAGE - CO I Can See You
Part 1
Part 2


  1. drpunkenstain9/25/2009 9:32 PM

    ...this one is my favourie and it's just amazing that nobody find out something more from Acme Sewage Co.'cauze they are great!Volume 2?'HANX!

  2. Yes, this is really great! Volume 2 is coming.. ;)

    Unfortunately, this is the only stuff i have from Acme Sewage Co.

  3. compilation ever!!!


  4. John The Punk6/23/2010 12:30 AM

    Anyone know where to find more by the G.T.'s?
    I've done tons of searches but haven't came up with anything.