Feb 5, 2010

Rabid - The Bloody Road To Glory

Rabid were a punk rock band from Leicester, England, that formed in 1979. During 1983 they played on the same bill as bands such as G.B.H., The Exploited, and the U.K. Subs. The band split up in 1986.

In 2006, Fall Out released a 12-track CD collection of the band's work, as "Bloody Road to Glory", adapting the artwork from the original EP.

Genre: Punk Rock
Country: England
Label: Fall Out
Size: 25 mb
Bitrate: 128 kbps

  1. Jubilee
  2. Crisis '82
  3. Police Victim
  4. Glory Of War
  5. Assassin
  6. Axeman's Knell
  7. Jubilee 2
  8. Glory Of War
  9. Holocaust
  10. Dawn Raid
  11. Coppers
  12. Second Coming
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?ity22tmjxml

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  1. a 15 track lp hopefully being releaseed with 3 new tracks on ---------- then in mid summer a totally new 12 song lp to follow