Mar 31, 2011

Generation X - 1978 - s/t

Generation X (also known as Gen X) originally formed in 1976 in London, England by three ex-Chelsea members. They played their first gig on 21 December 1976 at Roxy club (becoming one of the very first punk bands to play at the venue). They were one of the first punk bands to play at BBC music programme Top Of The Pops.

Unlike the other punk bands, they ignored some of the "rules" and "ideals" adopted by UK punk bands, taking inspiration of British pop of the 60's.

Their singer Billy Idol is better known from his later pop period.


  1. They didn't form under the name Chelsea. Billy Idol and Tony James were members of Chelsea but left to form Generation X, leaving Gene October to replace them.

  2. unfortuntely Gene October was not an ideal replacement...

  3. Check out the following links:

    Confused case..

  4. "It was in August 1976 that Gene October placed an advert in Melody Maker which led to replies from guitarist William Broad, bassist Tony James and drummer John Towe. On October 18th they made their live debut as Chelsea supporting Throbbing Gristle at London's ICA. The band split in November 1976. Gene briefly recruited guitarist Marty Stacey and bassist Bob Jessie." So Gene started Chelsea and continued chelsea after the three left. Gen X are Gen X and Chelsea are Chelsea, they may have shared members but they're two seperate bands.

    I'd never go to punk77 for references, there's so many mistakes on that website it's unreal. It goes hand in hand with the lack of knowledge of their forum admins as well.