Apr 9, 2011

Fire on Marlborough Street

During a Fire Escape Collapse in Boston, U.S.A. (1975)

On July 22, 1975, photograph Stanley J. Forman working for the Boston Herald American newspaper when a police scanner picked up an emergency: “Fire on Marlborough Street!”
Climbed on a fire truck, Forman shot the picture of Diana Bryant (19 years old) and her goddaughter, Tiare Jones (2 years old) when they fell helplessly. Diana Bryant was pronounced dead at the scene. The young girl lived. Despite a heroic effort, the fireman who tried to grab them had been just seconds away from saving the lives of both.

Photo coverage from the tragic event garnered Stanley Forman a Pulitzer Prize. But more important, his work paved the way for Boston and other states to mandate tougher fire safety codes.

The German post-punk band Abwärts use this photo for the cover of their first album "Amok Koma" back in 1980.

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