Dec 13, 2011

Stress - Athens Burning I & II

They have just passed 30 years since Stress created the song "Athens Burning" and their message remains, especially these years, more timely than ever. The B-otherSide record label brings to light the unreleased recordings of the first period of Stress, from 1982 to 1985, a total of 9 tracks spread across two different singles, in 500 hand-numbered copies each one, which are already sold out in a few days!

A real greek-punk gem!

Country: Greece
Genre: Punk
Label: B-OtherSide
Year: 2011
Size: 58 mb
Bitrate: 320 kbps


Athens Burning I
  1. Athens Burning
  2. Devil Driver
  3. Χαφιές
  4. Ξέχασες Κιόλας Τη Ζωή Σου
  5. Περιθωριακός
Athens Burning II
  1. Στρατιώτης
  2. Ινδιάνικο
  3. Ο Φόβος
  4. Σκέψου Πριν Είναι Αργά
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  1. Α ωραιο!!Μερικα τραγουδια δεν τα εχω ακουσει καν μεχρι τωρα.