May 28, 2012

Εκτός Ελέγχου - s/t (1994)

Εκτός Ελέγχου (Out Of Control) formed in 1984 in Thessaloniki, Greece, but they were originally appeared in 1982 under the name Συν Και Πλην (Plus And Minus). At the beginning they were playing covers of bands like The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Ramones etc.

Here we have the songs from their one and only LP, that were recorded in 1990. Finally, the album released in 1994.

Dirty punk and roll music. Enjoy!

Genre: Punk/Rock n' Roll
Country: Greece
Year: 1994
Label: Lazy Dog
Size: 36 mb
Bitrate: 128 kbps

  1. Εφιάλτης
  2. Ινδιάνοι
  3. Στη Γη Του Λιλιπούτ
  4. Σάπιος
  5. Είδα Στα Μάτια Σου
  6. Διακοπές
  7. Η Δικιά Τους Αρετή
  8. Είμαστε Ένοχοι
  9. Σ' Αυτή Την Πόλη (Γκρόβερ cover)*
* Bonus Track


May 7, 2012

Disorder - Under The Scalpel Blade / One Day Son All This Will Be Yourz

Disorder formed in Bristol, England back in 1980. Their music is raw and aggressive hardcore/punk. Chaotic music and distorted to deafness. 

Here we have their first album "Under The Scalpel Blade" from 1984 along with the songs from their split LP with Kafka Prosess "One Day Son All This Will Be Yourz" from 1986.

If you are into bands like Crass, Conflict, Chaos U.K., The Exploited etc, then get it!

Let's make some fuckin' noise!

Genre: Hardcore/Punk
Country: England
Label: Anagram
Size: 42 mb
Bitrate: 128 kbps