Jun 5, 2013

Dirty Wombs / Gutter - split LP

Dirty Wombs are from Patra, Greece and they play amazing hardcore sung in English and Greek. After a great demo tape and a split EP they are back with their best recordings to date.

Gutter formed in Athens, Greece with members from Antimob/Jagernaut/Sarabante. They play early US hardcore and this is their first vinyl release after one demo. On their side, you can heard six angry songs with great obliterating vocals.

Genre: Hardcore/Punk/Crust
Country: Greece
Year: 2013
Labels: Scarecrow/Screaming Victims/No Sanctuary
Size: 70 mb

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/v4m3yops3f0vhb2/Gutter+-+Dirty+Wombs+split+12+LP.rar