Jan 17, 2009

Action Pact - The Punk Singles Collection

Action Pact! were a punk rock band, formed in 1981 as The Bad Samaritans by guitarist Wild Planet, bassist Dr. Phibes, and drummer Joe Fungus. Joe Fungus also played with the punk band called Savage Upsurge. The John from Dead Mans Shadow, was the band's original lead singer. He left the band to concentrate on D.M.S. He was replaced by George Cheex. Covers included.

Genre: Punk Rock
Country: England
Year: 1995
Label: Captain Oi!
Size: 75,33 mb
Bitrate: 192 kbps

  1. London bouncers
  2. All purpose actions footwear
  3. Suicide bag
  4. Stanwell
  5. Blue blood
  6. People
  7. Times must change
  8. Sixties flix
  9. London bouncers (bully boy version)
  10. Gothic party time
  11. New king's girl
  12. The cruellest thief
  13. Question of choice
  14. Hook line & sinker
  15. Suss of the swiss
  16. Yet another dole queue song
  17. Rockaway beach
  18. 1974
  19. Rock N roll part 2
  20. Cocktail credibility
  21. Consumer madness
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?2iz4cnqmvyo

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