Mar 1, 2010

Eater - The Compleat Eater

Eater were an early British punk band from London. The band was formed in 1976 by four high school friends. Their name came from the song "Suneye" performed by T.Rex.

Despite originating in north London, the band made its first public performance in Manchester, featuring The Buzzcocks as their support act. Eater’s live set at this gig, back in November 1976, was built mainly around speeded-up versions of Velvet Underground and David Bowie songs such as "Queen Bitch" and "Sweet Jane".

Closer to home, the band became one of the pioneering punk bands that played live in the first few months of the now-legendary Roxy Club. They topped the bill twice in January 1977, the second time they were supported by The Damned. They headlined again in February, this time supported by Johnny Moped, and twice more in March, supported first by The Lurkers and then by Sham 69.

Genre: Punk Rock
Country: England
Label: Anagram Records
Size: 65 mb
Bitrate: 128 kbps

  1. You
  2. Public Toys
  3. Room For One
  4. Lock It Up
  5. Sweet Jane
  6. Fifteen
  7. I Don't Need It
  8. Anne
  9. Get Raped
  10. Space Dreaming
  11. Queen Bitch
  12. My Business
  13. Waiting For The Man
  14. No More
  15. No Brains
  16. Love And Peace (H-Bomb)
  17. Outside View
  18. Thinking Of The USA
  19. Michaels Monetary System
  20. She's Wearing Green
  21. Notebook
  22. Jeep Star
  23. Debutantes Ball
  24. Holland
  25. What She Wants She Needs
  26. Reach For The Sky
  27. Point Of View
  28. Typewriter Babes

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