Feb 9, 2009

Icons Of Filth - Mortarhate Projects

Icons of Filth were an influential British anarcho-punk band that started life as Mock Death in Cardiff in 1979 . They have been as well known for their record sleeve artwork as they were for their music and lyrics with Anarchist ideals. Most of the artwork, which was rather intricate and quite dark in tone, was drawn by Squeal who also invented the "scratchy" calligraphy that has since been used by many bands and artists. They disbanded in 2004, after the unexpected death of its lead singer. This is a compilation release. Click here for the back cover.

Genre: Anarcho-Punk
Country: Wales
Year: 1995
Label: Mortarhate Records
Size: 87,27 mb
Bitrate: 192 kbps

  1. Why So Limited
  2. Mentally Murdered
  3. They've Taken Everything
  4. Fucked Up State
  5. Presentand History
  6. Dividing Line
  7. Now Were Getting Warmer
  8. Sodthe Children
  9. Show Us You Care
  10. Death Isthe Only Release
  11. Fool Britania
  12. One Secondto Midnight
  13. Midnight
  14. Onward Christian Soldiers
  15. Self Styled Superiority
  16. Powerfor Power
  17. Politricks
  18. Your Military
  19. No Fucking Choice
  20. Cutthe Crap
  21. Enoughis Enough
  22. Successona Plate
  23. Brain Death
  24. Asking Too Much
  25. Virus
  26. Used, Abused, Unamused
  27. A Measureof Insecurity
  28. Sunk Rock
  29. Evil Speak
  30. Vivisector
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?d4e1z2jgagw

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