Mar 4, 2009

Circle Jerks - 1982 - Wild In The Streets

The Circle Jerks are an American punk band, formed circa 1979 in Hermosa Beach, California. It was formed by Black Flag's original singer, Keith Morris, and future Bad Religion guitarist Greg Hetson. They were among the preeminent hardcore punk bands of the L.A. scene in the early 1980s. Covers included.

Genre: Punk/Hardcore
Country: USA
Year: 1982
Label: Frontier Records
Size: 23,42 mb
Bitrate: 128 kbps

  1. Wild in the Streets
  2. Leave Me Alone
  3. Stars and Stripes
  4. 86'd (Good as Gone)
  5. Meet the Press
  6. Trapped
  7. Murder the Disturbed
  8. Letter Bomb
  9. Question Authority
  10. Defamation Innuedo
  11. Moral Majority
  12. Forced Labor
  13. Political Stu
  14. Just Like Me
  15. Put a Little Love in Your Heart

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  1. I still have faith that someday one of you wonderful bloggers is going to post the ORIGINAL 1982 version of this album, and not this damn remix from several years later.