Mar 8, 2009

Ebba Gron - 1978-1982

Ebba Grön was a Swedish punk band formed in 1977 in Ragsved, a working-class suburb of Stockholm. One of the most famous songs they recorded is a cover by the Swedish progg band Bla Taget and is called "Staten & Kapitalet", a song with anti-capitalist political lyrics about how the government "Staten", and the private corporations "Kapitalet", cooperate to control and enslave the working classes. They released their first single "Antirock" on April 21, 1978. The band bought all the 500 copies themselves and sold them in the streets. In 1978, the time had come for their album debut "We're Only In It For The Drugs", with songs about the tough, yet boring lives of young people in the working-class suburbs. The anarchist lyrics were seen as very controversial at the time, and the lyrics of one song "Beväpna er", (Take up arms) about taking up arms against the government, the bourgeoisie and the Swedish royal family, could not be printed on the cover. The band also started to get a reputation of having troublesome gigs, with vandalism and fights. At one gig when the band was attacked by Neo-Nazis, Fjodor used his bass to fight them off. Covers included.

Genre: Punk Rock
Country: Sweden
Year: 1987
Label: Mistlur Records
Size: 78,02 mb
Bitrate: 160 kbps

  1. Profit
  2. Ung & Sänkt
  3. Tyst För Fan
  4. Mona Tumbas Slim Club
  5. Vad Skall Du Bli
  6. Häng Gud
  7. We're Only in It for the
  8. Totalvägra
  9. Beväpna Er
  10. Det Måste Vara Radion
  11. Pervers Politiker
  12. Staten & Kapitalet
  13. Ung & Kåt
  14. 800°
  15. Mamma Pappa Barn
  16. Mental Istid
  17. Sheisse
  18. Flyktsoda
  19. Uppgång & Fall
  20. Die Mauer
  21. Tittar På TV
  22. Nu Släckas Tusen Människoliv

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