Mar 16, 2009

Descendents - Two Things At Once

Descendents are a punk rock band from Manhattan Beach, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. They were formed in 1978 and they are known for being one of the early bands in the hardcore scene to sing about more personal topics reflective of their own lives. This is a compilation release with stuff that recorded in 1982. Tracks 1-15 is the full length "Milo Goes to College" in its entirety. Tracks 16-21 is the "Fat" EP. Tracks 22 and 23 are the "Ride the Wild/It's a Hectic World" single. Covers included.

Genre: Punk Rock/Hardcore
Country: USA
Year: 1988
Label: SST Records
Size: 45,32 mb
Bitrate: 192 kbps

  1. Myage
  2. I Wanna Be a Bear
  3. I'm Not a Loser
  4. Parents
  5. Tonyage
  6. M-16
  7. I'm Not a Punk
  8. Catalina
  9. Suburban Home
  10. Statue of Liberty
  11. Kabuki Girl
  12. Marriage
  13. Hope
  14. Bikeage
  15. Jean Is Dead
  16. My Dad Sucks
  17. Mr. Bass
  18. I Like Food
  19. Hey Hey
  20. Weinerschnitzel
  21. Global Probing
  22. Ride the Wild
  23. It's a Hectic World

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