Mar 13, 2009

The Mad - We Love Noize

Legendary 1970s New York Horror-Punk/Hardcore band. This is the re-release of 1978 album with all additional material available by the band and it is dedicated to the memory of Hisashi Ikeda, David Hahn, Johnny 19. Covers included.

Genre: Horror Punk/Hardcore
Country: USA
Year: 1999
Label: Captain Trip Records
Size: 65,9 mb
Bitrate: 160 kbps

  1. I Hate Music
  2. Eyeball
  3. The Mad (Theme)
  4. The Hand
  5. Anti-Real
  6. I Wanna Be A Devil
  7. Fried Egg
  8. The Hell
  9. Disgusting
  10. I Wanna Be A Devil
  11. Delusion Of Grandeur
  12. I Hate Music
  13. The Hand
  14. The Sky Is Full Of Water
  15. Eyeball
  16. Disgusting
  17. The Mad (Theme)
  18. Mask
  19. We Love Noize!! (Special Johnny 19 Mix)


  1. very interesting band, I 'd never had heard them! keep on tha good work!

  2. WOW, "I Hate Music" is one of the most fucken Rawest slabs of punk ever committed to tape and i fucken love it. Never knwe they released anything else so looking forweard to checking this out, thanks

  3. Any chance you might please repost the files? The above link is dead. Thank you.

    1. Any chance you might please consider buying the CD douche bag.